is your network locked

Is Your Computer Network Locked?

From a security standpoint, computer networks are just like cars. When you park your car and head into a shop to purchase a carton of milk, you lock your car door.


There should be the same mentality for your computer network when you leave the office of a night.

Leaving the doors open

Networks have ports, which are like doors that lead to applications and services on your computer. In some networks, these ports aren’t locked down, which means it is very easy to break in and steal data or install malicious programs to give the hacker full access.

In these cases, the hacker can gain access to any device on the network without you even knowing, which can turn your business upside down in a matter of minutes.

In the event of a malicious attack, having a solid backup strategy and network protection in place can prevent your business from losing tens of thousands of dollars in daily operations. If you are unsure of where to start, contact us to make an appointment today.

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