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Tailored IT Support Services

Managed IT Support Services for Businesses on the Central Coast, Newcastle & Sydney

Chewing IT offers comprehensive IT support services for small to medium sized business in the Central Coast, Newcastle & Sydney. We're all about helping you bite off more success with tailored solutions to suit your needs. Our expertise is not just extensive; it's seasoned with a deep understanding of how technology can empower your business from the ground up. With Chewing IT, technology is not just supported; it's a tool to amplify your success, crafted by a team passionate about seeing your business thrive.

Our approach is hands-on, offering you the feel of having an in-house IT team without the overhead. From crafting technology roadmaps to proactive computer monitoring and maintenance, we serve up IT support that keeps you secure and streamlined.

Our Managed IT support service plans are designed for peak performance, combining proactive monitoring, maintenance, and priority support with comprehensive user and device management. It's about getting your issues resolved swiftly, ensuring your business has access to cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to enhance productivity and profitability.

Step into a world where IT worries are off the table, thanks to predictable costs and clear outcomes outlined in our service level agreements. With Chewing IT, you bite into success, knowing your technology needs are in expert hands, ready to help your business grow.

IT Support Services for your Business

Managed IT Services

Unlimited Remote Support

  • Proactive Security and Maintenance
  • Expert Support and Guaranteed Response
  • Comprehensive System Updates and Management
  • Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring and Support
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • Strategic IT Planning and Training
Prepaid Support

No fixed-term contracts

  • On-Demand Expertise Without Contract Commitments & in house teams
  • Cost-Effective and Transparent
    IT services
  • Flexible Use Across Services
  • Silent IT Department
  • Long-Term Partnership Focus for business stability
  • Detailed Documentation and Accountability
Cloud Server & Email

Move your data to a cloud infrastructure

  • Scalable and Robust Managed Cloud Solutions
  • Seamless Email and Document Accessibility
  • Comprehensive Cloud Email Setup with Microsoft Office 365
  • Synchronisation Across Devices
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • Flexible File Sharing and Collaboration
Server Upgrades

On-site upgrades & data migration

  • Customised Infrastructure Solutions
  • Expert Server and Network Upgrades
  • Comprehensive IT Audits
  • Competitive Pricing on Hardware
  • Advanced Virtualization Technologies
  • Full Spectrum of Network Services

24/7 MDR platform (managed detection and response)

  • Disruptive Detection and Response
  • Proactive Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Immediate Threat Neutralisation
  • Advanced Real-Time Threat Detection
  • Round-the-Clock Incident Monitoring and Response
  • Efficient Cybersecurity Deployment

Holistic Security approach

  • Comprehensive Device Security
  • Empowerment through Secure Technology
  • Partnerships with Leading Security Firms
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention
  • Optimal Performance and Protection
  • Responsive and Approachable Support

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Why Work with Chewing IT


We Future-Proof IT

Chewing IT goes beyond solving immediate IT problems. We take a holistic approach, aligning your IT strategy with your business goals and implementing scalable solutions that grow alongside your company.


Expertise You Can Trust

Our team of certified professionals stays up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. We combine our deep knowledge with a friendly and approachable demeanour, ensuring you understand the "why" behind our recommendations.


Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

We take the burden of IT management off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - running your business. With 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, and lightning-fast support, you can rest assured your technology is in capable hands.

Benefits of implementing managed IT Support

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  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

    Managed IT services boost your business by freeing up internal resources for core activities, minimising downtime through proactive support, and streamlining operations with automated solutions, leading to enhanced productivity.

  • Enhanced Security and Reduced Risk

    Managed IT services safeguard your business with comprehensive cybersecurity, reliable data backup and recovery plans, and stay ahead of evolving threats, significantly reducing risk and ensuring data protection.

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Predictable Budgeting

    Managed IT services reduce overhead with predictable monthly costs, offer access to on-demand expertise without the expenses of full-time staff, and minimise unexpected costs through proactive maintenance, ensuring cost-effective IT management.

  • Scalability and Growth Support

    Managed IT services from Chewing IT future-proof your infrastructure and offer strategic guidance and technology recommendations, ensuring your IT evolves in alignment with your business's growth and goals.

  • Peace of Mind and Increased Focus

    Delegate your IT management to Chewing IT's professionals to alleviate your IT burdens and refocus on core business functions, with the assurance of 24/7 support and monitoring for uninterrupted peace of mind.

Chewing IT Onboarding Process

Step 1

Comprehensive IT Audit

We start the process by conducting a thorough audit, tallying your computers, servers, and network devices. We assess the devices for their operating systems and purposes, identify critical line-of-business applications, and inventory network essentials like switches and wireless access points.

Step 2

Critical Information Compilation

Next, we look into understanding what's crucial for your operations, pinpointing whether services are cloud-based or onsite. We categorise and assess the importance of each application, its impact on your business, identify key application users, and compile vendor and backup details.

Step 3

Secure Access Credentials

Our team works with your current IT provider to securely collect all necessary administrative passwords, ensuring all information is meticulously recorded in our secure documentation system, IT Glue.

Step 4

Welcoming and Integration

Finally, we officially welcome your team to Chewing IT. Through emails or in-person meetings, we introduce our support system, explain how to access IT help, our response times, and give you a chance to meet our dedicated team, setting the stage for seamless IT support.

What our clients say

Paul Whiteford
Paul Whiteford

Matt and his team are absolutely top notch. The level of help they provided and the speed and efficiency of it, is unrivaled. Plus the customer service we received was above and beyond what was expected. I would recommend Chewing IT to any and all who would listen.

Chelsea Batchelor
Chelsea Batchelor

I can't speak highly enough of Chewing IT they go above and beyond to help u with any IT issues u may have. They are great to deal with and very professional 5 stars from me!! 👍😁

Allison Wigman (Time Return)
Allison Wigman (Time Return)

Responsive, helpful and honest. Mat and his Team at Chewing IT are reliable and get the job done, they are there for the long term to help you grow your business and manage those IT bumps along the road. No fancy jargon, just straight, clear talking, if he doesn't know he will say and then do the research to find solutions. I have worked with him in a couple of different jobs and will continue to recommend him whenever I go.

Katrina Woolcott
Katrina Woolcott

Highly recommend the Team at Chewing IT. Email support is always prompt and good value.

Louise Mayuga
Louise Mayuga

Mat from Chewing IT is a friendly and professional person.
I have had a myriad of questions and IT issues and I have found him patient in all my dealings.

I would highly recommend Mathew to anyone needing assistance! Thank you Mathew

Louisa Foxford
Louisa Foxford

This is a wonderful business for all your IT needs. We run a not for profit community based business and Mathew is very knowledgeable and practical to our needs. He cares about the customer and takes the time to explain what is required and needed. Mathew is very easy to contact and responds immediately to any queries. I highly recommend this business.

Angela Barrett
Angela Barrett

Alex from Chewing IT was professional, prompt and super helpful. He solved my main issue then helped me with niggling issues that I'd tried unsuccessfully to solve myself - things that had irritated me for over a year. Once Alex helped me fix it all, I wondered why I hadn't got their help long ago. I would recommend Chewing IT without hesitation and will definitely use them again. Money well spent.

Debbie Morton
Debbie Morton

I have found Chewing IT to be available to help at any moment, always reliable, Mat explains things in such a way that anyone can understand. Very Knowledgeable. Would positively recommend Chewing IT.

Julie Jones
Julie Jones

I've worked with Mathew within my role as GM for a marketing company, updating our computer network and replacing old equipment., and resolving network issues. And I now employ Mathew for my own business as my IT support. Mathew is amazingly responsive and timely when issues arise and shows flexibility and such a calm approach when I have a minor coronary from IT problems! Thanks Mathew. You are a life saver! Highly recommended.

Robert Allan
Robert Allan

We engaged Mathew Chewing of Chewing IT to move our data files to the cloud. Mathew ensured that our downtime was kept to minimum during the transition and followed up to ensure all was working well. We found him to be prompt and reliable. We will continue to use his services to fulfill our IT business needs . Highly recommended. Robert Allan - AllSuper

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