What is the best email and Cloud backup solution?

What is the best email and Cloud backup solution?

Business owners often wait until they have experienced a data loss before they set up a backup system. Cloud backup solutions are cost effective and one of the best protections you can add to your Central Coast business as we move into 2022. Chewing IT, a Central Coast managed IT service provider, explains how SkyKick Cloud Backup could be your new best friend.

Why do you need a Cloud backup service?

According to the Australian Government, one third of businesses have experienced cybercrime, with the average cost to a business over $276,000.1 Sixty per cent of all attacks were targeted at small and medium size businesses, even though it is the large corporates that make the headlines. Business disruption and loss of data, productivity and revenue are the main consequences. With 23 days being the average time to resolve a cyber-attack, the potential loss of revenue will be eye watering to most business owners.

Microsoft’s research shows that fifty per cent of data loss is due to human error. A momentary lapse, the wrong button pressed, and bam, a whole world of pain. There are inevitably accidents, and many cannot be avoided.

Then, of course, there’s the deliberate breach. The scammer, the spammer, the hacker—they only need an occasional win to make their work very profitable. Email phishing, malicious code and denial of service are common attacks.

The growth in working from home has added to both accidental and deliberate data breaches. Cloud backup services are seamless and ‘always on’. Cloud email and storage means you have peace of mind that emails and files can be protected and recovered at any time with minimal disruption to your Central Coast business.

What is SkyKick Cloud backup?

SkyKick is part of Microsoft’s Cloud services. It offers unlimited backup and storage, including data for deleted users. There is no time limit for retaining data, providing you have an active Cloud backup service. Microsoft Cloud backup solutions operate seamlessly in the background without the need for any onsite hardware or software. All backup data is stored in a secure and encrypted state by SkyKick on Microsoft Azure, its exclusive public Cloud infrastructure provider.

What data can be protected?

All your Microsoft 365 productivity data can be protected including email, calendars, contacts and notes. In addition, SharePoint libraries and data, OneDrive files and folders, and data stored and used by Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams will be backed up to the Cloud. Individual files can be recovered in a few minutes and full mailboxes reinstated in a few hours depending on how much data has been lost.

Will a Cloud backup service offer enough protection for my Central Coast business?

While email Cloud services and backup solutions make it easy to recover your data, there are other security risks for Central Coast businesses to consider. Human error, unencrypted lost/stolen devices, viruses, and malicious attacks can still cause inconvenience and financial loss even if you recover the data. Given that ‘malicious insiders’ cause the second highest loss per attack (denial of service being first), security around employees and remote workers is paramount.2

A managed service provider can advise you about the risks specific to your business and the best Cloud backup and security options to protect you. A managed service provider can also set up the Cloud backup and encryption/anti-virus/malware software.

Please call the Chewing IT experts on 02 4339 4789 to discuss Microsoft email and Cloud backup services for your Central Coast business. We can arrange a free demonstration of SkyKick’s simplicity and capacity.

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